Aura-Soma Light Beamer Pen - stimmulation with light & colour

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This is about direct color therapy in the broadest sense ...

There are all, over 100, Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles also known as violas (these are the small glass tubes shown in the photo). These violas are put into the Light Beamer Pen, then flooded with the light in the Light Beamer Pen, and this "colored light" is radiated into the aura and onto the body. The Light Beamer Pen can be used in many ways, for example for:

alternative healing and treatment methods

Relaxation treatments

Chakra balancing

Balancing any energetic imbalance

Activate, support, and free from blockages meridians

Activate life energy and vitality

support the flow of life

balance the elements in the body

positively support the general well-being

and you can learn this at various Aura-Soma courses with Shanto Dorcey,

you can feel this during a treatment with Petra Einhäuser from chakra love;)

but you can also intuitively use the Light Beamer Pen yourself ... we are happy to give you a few tips

Take advantage of this unique, wonderful experience! It is very intense especially in connection with an Equilibrium bottle you use and supports the effects of the bottles in a wonderful way! But also a 4 bottle selection or 1 bottle selection can be "implemented" with the Light Beamer Pen rather than "just" talking about it and it also has an effect and that can also be done without using the bottle! Every day a topic of our life comes to the surface and to choose this through the colors and to directly support, balance, loosen or consolidate with the Light Beamer Pen is simply a wonderful way!

Light, color & love

The Light Beamer is delivered in this wooden box, which is also great for transporting on the go! It contains the Aura-Soma Light Beamer and the "most important" 14 violas, with which you are well equipped to enter the world of light beaming;)! Here, too, we would be happy to advise you which violas could also be very useful - these are only 3-4 to start with!

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