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Aura-Soma Essentials Kurs


The Aura-Soma Essentials course is the next step in the realization of Vicky Wall's visions.

Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura-Soma, had the vision of Aura-Soma and the gifts it contained to make available to as many people as possible during her lifetime. Mike Booth, the head of Aura-Soma and longtime companion of Vicky Wall, set up this course to make this even more a reality.

A favorite phrase from Vicky was "Aura-Soma is for those who want to remember themselves" and so in this course you get a key in a very sensitive way to open the gates to yourself.

It is about the essence of Aura-Soma, which is composed of a trilogy of colors, numbers and acoustic waves of color, expressed through the vibrations of sounds.

For the Essentials course, specially composed pieces of music for the individual colors allow the mind to immerse itself in its innermost being, its soul.
The body and every cell in it absorbs the vibrations of the colors through the music and detaches itself from patterns, entanglement and opens the doors in its soul ... a benefit and a deep understanding of its inner being.

This new perception of colors, through sounds and feelings, leads us back to the principle of Aura-Soma and the importance of hearing one's innermost being and bringing it into life.

The Essentials course also opens the door to spreading Aura-Soma. A simple, intuitive advisory method for viewing the bottle selection is conveyed and the necessary basis for this. This is about a deep understanding of the colors, less about theory and that's why the course is also called Essentials >>> it goes back to the essence!
For everyone who sells Aura-Soma products, this course is a great opportunity to experience the colors for once and the course offers already finished Aura-Soma consultants and teachers another opportunity to pass on the language of colors and into the life and "experience" of your clients bring to.

The course fee includes the issue of a detailed Essentials manual and an Aura-Soma certificate.

Once you have felt the colors, the whole aura-soma system opens up to you and you have many tools to live your true soul potential in the next second !!!

Course duration 2 days

I look forward to you & your colors!

Namaste' & Aloha,