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Hello my Lovelies,


here you get a first impression on what I do...


If you're looking to get a massage or an Aura Soma reading or so and can't decide what to book, I find it very nice and effective to make an appointment and find out togther what would be the best for you at that minute :) but have a little look here in what i offer. In general I give all kind of Aura-Soma readings, Light beamer treatments, Aura and body massages... 

Massagen - most of the time I can do all the massages on your whole body, only on back and legs or also only on your hands and feet or on your face

many times I do cobinations of touchung and non touching massages to put it this way and we can also always talk about what you prefer...

-Chakra/colour massage with Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles

-element massage

-intuitive massage with classic elements

-Meridian massage

-Chakra balance massage

-massage with a special "love yourself massage"


more information about the massages I give and everything else coming soon but the best...Let's make an appointment and we talk about it and practise it :)


all prices incl. 19% vat

For open Sessions I ask for Euro 77 per hour.


Aura-Soma 4 bottle selection & reading

Duration approx 60 minutes

Here's a little insight how it works ;)

You choose 4 Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles (sample: photo) from at the time a total of 121 bottles that are available, in a beautifully designed environment at my house and then we discuss them :)

Euro 88,00


it is best of course you take then the 4 bottles with you after the reading and either the associated Pomander or the appropriate quintessence

but choosing 1 equilibrium out of the 4 and start working with it is also just fine :)






very beautiful and intense it is at the end of the reading to make a matching Light Beamer treatment with the selected bottle :)  


Aura-Soma Light Beamer Treatment

in direct connection to a 4 bottle selection including counseling (see above)

Euro 40,00


Separately - with a short selection of a color based on the violes or an Equilibrium bottle and a reading of the selection (which you determine whether you want to select a color using a viol or a bottle) and subsequent matching Beamer Light Pen treatment

approx 60 Minuten

Euro 70,00




You have questions about the Aura-Soma Reading oder the Aura-Soma Light Beamer Pen Treatment? You're welcome to ask me- just click here











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